Designs and documentation of machine parts, devices, tools, production equipment, mold elements, CNC and laser details, automotive, aviation, foundry, etc.

The goal is functionality and usability, in accordance with the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) principle

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3D SCANNING is widely used in industry, industrial design, CAD design, reverse engineering, metrology, rapid prototyping, museums and many other areas.

Using a 3D scanner, you can significantly shorten and speed up work on the design of spare parts for machines and tools and production equipment. It facilitates the reproduction of technical documentation, in the absence of which, helps to make corrections, reconstructions and geometric changes to products.

3D scanners are also an excellent tool used in current metrology. Their accuracy and detail, coupled with modern metrology software such as Geomagic Control X or Polyworks Inspector, allows for very complex measurements and analyses of 3D geometry, providing the ability to control products and production processes.

Professional 3D design services supported by modern 3D scanning technologies

We perform 3D measurements, CMM and geometric analyzes according to GD&T standards. In addition, we analyze the wear and assembly of molds, stamping dies and other interacting elements.

Dimensional quality control

We carry out all projects with the attitude that they must be useful, i.e. "they must work". We are not afraid of challenges and difficult tasks.

Handling demanding projects

We provide assistance with every project, but at the same time we listen to our clients and are open and flexible to their needs.

Help and advice

We offer attractive prices for services, short order execution times and commitment to every project.

Attractive prices for services

We apply a policy of realistic completion deadlines. In urgent and emergency situations, we carry out quick projects.

Short execution times

This method allows for technical documentation, reconstruction, repair and geometric changes of products when the documentation is missing, worn or damaged.

Reverse engineering

We provide CAD design services and technical documentation for tool shops and various industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, food, metallurgy and foundry. We make production tooling.

CAD design

We scan details of small and medium dimensions, made of various materials (including black and transparent). We can provide mobile services at the client's location.

High metrological accuracy and detail.

3D scanning

3D and CMM measurements in the GPS/GD&T standard. We perform comparative, assembly and wear analyses for e.g. molds, dies and other cooperating elements as well as production equipment, i.e. templates and assembly dies.

We provide 3D scanning services with high accuracy, detail and metrological accuracy. Objects from small to medium size. We can also perform 3D scanning services mobilely at the client's location.

Dimensional quality control

CAD design

3D scanning


Design for industry

CAD design, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, 3D modeling, dimensional quality control (3D and CMM measurements, geometric analyzes according to GD&T standards), 3D modeling and prototyping.

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3D services - solutions for industry

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CAD design and reverse engineering.

3D scanning

Dimensional quality control


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