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We have our own, proven and effective CAD design methods

Reverse engineering – (Revers Engineering) is a branch of engineering that involves mapping real elements into a three-dimensional CAD model. Reverse engineering is commonly used when technical documentation of machine parts and elements is missing or when spare parts are unavailable (e.g. they are no longer produced). Reverse engineering is also used in medicine and prosthetics, e.g. when there is a need to very precisely reproduce or match complex and difficult-to-reproduce elements.

Reverse engineering

Ready-made elements and machine parts, prototype models and individual, small and medium-series products.

3D printing, machining, welding.

Finished product

We prepare geometry, fit and wear analyzes for parts such as casting and injection molds and models, stamping dies and other elements cooperating with each other.

Geometric analyses

We perform 3D measurements, CMM, geometric, fit and wear analyses. GD&T standard or individual customer requirements.

Dimensional quality control

2D/3D documentation of machine and device parts, elements with complex shapes for applications in industry, medicine, museums, 3D printing, reconstruction, repair, design changes and optimization.

Reverse Engineering

We provide CAD design services for all areas of industry. We design parts from small and precise mechanisms to large and complex elements.

CAD design

Scanning accuracy up to 0.01mm, high resolution, small and medium-sized objects made of various materials. We provide comprehensive 3D services - metrology and engineering.

3D scanning

Completed projects - examples

MandiCAD - a full range of services offered for industry

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CAD design and reverse engineering.

3D scanning

Dimensional quality control


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