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saknowanie 3d, inżynieria odwrotna, metrologia
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inż. Tomasz Polewka

tomasz polewka- inżynieria  odwrotna i metrologia

We are an engineering company providing our customers with 3D scanning, reverse engineering, optical dimensional quality control, 3d design. In addition, we create 2D/3D documentation and geometric analysis (simple and decoy). We have many years of experience in the foundry and automotive industry. We are specialists in form technology, foundry models, components of production machines

Our adventure was started at the AGH in Krakow, where our passion was born. We gained experience and practical knowledge in one of the better Polish foundries and later in the largest automotive company in Europe.




skanowanie 3d, pomiary 3D, inżynieria odwrotna
skanowanie 3D, pomiary 3D, inżynieria odwrotna

Company information

Teresa i Tomasz Polewka - Mandi House s.c.
Ul. Jurajskie Wzgórze 38 
32-087 Bibice (Kraków)
NIP: PL 5130246860
Regon: 365486818


We provide comprehensive scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing and optical metrology services throughout Poland and the EU. Our location makes us particularly close to Krakow, Katowice and Rzeszów. Many years of experience in the automotive and foundry industry is our asset. 3D scanner - Evicscan  3D HD  Quadro,which we have, allows for very accurate measurements even in very difficult conditions.

In a few words about what we do

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