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Comprehensive services in the field of

3D scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing and dimensional control.

We provide complete service from design to finished element.


Skanowanie 3D, inżynieria odwrotna , projektowanie cad


3D printing

We supply finished machine components and parts, prototype models and unit products, low and medium series.

We provide comprehensive and ready-made solutions from the project to ready-made components.

Technologie SLS, SLA, POLYJET i DMLS

Metrologia, mapa odchyłek, GD&T
skanowanie 3D, inżynieria odwrotna, projektowanie 3D
Skanowanie 3D, inżynieria odwrotna , projektowanie cad
skanowanie 3D, inżynieria odwrotna


Reverse Engineering & CAD-Design

Based on measurements of the actual object, we perform its restoration or develop design documentation.

As a result, you get a ready-made CAD model in your preferred file format (STP, IGES, Parasolid  or other)









 +48 794726596 

saknowanie 3d, inżynieria odwrotna, metrologia
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3D scanning services are performed on the premises of our company or mobile at the customer's premises. We can scan objects of different dimensions, under different conditions and materials. Scan accuracy up to 0.01mm


3D Skaning


3D measurements

Touchless dimensional quality control with a metrological 3D scanner.

Coordinate measurements using state-of-the-art dimensional inspection software.

3D measurement technology allows you to obtain a huge amount of measurement data that cannot be obtained by any other method.

  • We perform scanning services for elements of different sizes and complexity even in the most demanding conditions.
  • The biggest advantage of our scanner is the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement and the fact that it is characterized by low sensitivity to vibration (not attainable for laser scanners), which is a great advantage for industrial conditions.
  • The measuring device is VDI/VDE certified and has high precision and accuracy of up to 0.01mm (under certain conditions up to 0.004mm).
  • Scan services are performed on a stationary and mobile at the customer's premises. The area of our activity is the whole of Poland and the EU.
  • We provide reverse engineering, modeling and 3D design services for industry, museum and medicine.
  • We create 2D/3D documentation.
  • 3D printing. In order to meet our customers, we provide ready-made solutions from the project to the delivery of finished parts.

3D scanning is used in industry, reverse engineering, metrology, rapid prototyping, museum and many other fields.


skanowanie 3d, pomiary 3D, inżynieria odwrotna
skanowanie 3D, pomiary 3D, inżynieria odwrotna

Company information

Teresa i Tomasz Polewka - Mandi House s.c.
Ul. Jurajskie Wzgórze 38 
32-087 Bibice (Kraków)
NIP: PL 5130246860
Regon: 365486818


We provide comprehensive scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing and optical metrology services throughout Poland and the EU. Our location makes us particularly close to Krakow, Katowice and Rzeszów. Many years of experience in the automotive and foundry industry is our asset. 3D scanner - Evicscan  3D HD  Quadro,which we have, allows for very accurate measurements even in very difficult conditions.

In a few words about what we do

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