Use of 3D scanning and reverse engineering:

· Restoring elements that are missing from executive documentation with complex geometry and which would be extremely difficult to design with conventional methods.

· Measurements based on 3D scanning results are characterized by very high accuracy and precision. In addition, they allow for a huge amount of data that cannot be achieved by other methods. Nowadays, it is slowly moving away from the point measurement methods precisely in favor of scanning measurements, because the amount of information gained and the precision of measurement far exceeds traditional methods of coordinate measurements. The information thus obtained can later be analyzed almost in any way.

· Part-mold wear analysis, indigenous, cooperating machine parts over time wear. The 3D scanning technique allows accurate consumption analysis and helps predict how long an item can still work.

· For 3D printing purposes, scanning is an irreplaceable tool that allows you to any duplication, scaling (increase/decrease) of objects.


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saknowanie 3d, inżynieria odwrotna, metrologia
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skanowanie 3d, pomiary 3D, inżynieria odwrotna
skanowanie 3D, pomiary 3D, inżynieria odwrotna

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Teresa i Tomasz Polewka - Mandi House s.c.
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We provide comprehensive scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing and optical metrology services throughout Poland and the EU. Our location makes us particularly close to Krakow, Katowice and Rzeszów. Many years of experience in the automotive and foundry industry is our asset. 3D scanner - Evicscan  3D HD  Quadro,which we have, allows for very accurate measurements even in very difficult conditions.

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